Body Positivity VS Losing Weight

I’m so torn between two contrasting things I believe in. Because on one hand I absolutely hate with the social stigma that punishes bigger body sizes and pushes people into bulimia, anorexia and self-esteem issues — but on the other hand, as someone who was once in that trap, and who does think that skinny = pretty (to some extent) and dislikes the way I look when my stomach bulges out — I feel a lot more confident about myself having lost 10kg.

I was reading this and found it interesting. But I’m not sure to what extent I agree or can do what is suggested.

I have a Fitblr (, and people post #fitspiration there all the time of slim, fit girls who have worked hard for their bodies. And is that really wrong, for one’s motivation to have a healthy lifestyle, to be to gain a flat stomach the healthy way? Is it wrong to promote and encourage working hard (the healthy way) to reach one’s desired body image/shape??

I mean, clearly society’s current body image ideas are damaging because it leads to people feeling less confident if they’re “fat”, and promotes anorexia and bulimia…

But is it wrong to turn this around by encouraging getting healthy and fit (instead of losing weight the unhealthy way)? :/ Is it wrong for one to be proud of their body because of how slim and firm their stomachs are now, compared to previously when they were overweight?? (I’m assuming that after their weight loss, they are at a healthy weight and have healthier bodies.)

This is a topic I continuously struggle to decide my opinions on… Because I agree with both sides and I’m not sure what to do about it. 😦

Also, food for thought:


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