What the hell are YOU living for?

No, really.  Take a step back and think about it for a second. What the hell do you do in your day-to-day life, and what are your aspirations/goals? If you’ve listed: Losing weight, getting a high(er)-paying job (e.g. a promotion) and/or being more productive… Congratulations, you’re probably a victim of today’s society’s fucked up ideas on what life on Earth should be like.

Here’s my two cents. Sometimes I get so fucking sick of the world we live in, because we’re all taught to be so fucking fake and shallow.

We’re taught to look and dress and speak to impress, to fake smiles and confidence and knowledge. To follow societal norms rather than act ourselves; to hide all our quirks, even though everyone has them and they’re what make us real, fun, human. To do things just because they would impress on a CV, rather than because we’re genuinely interested; to make ourselves look good on paper and first impressions, rather than enrich our personal life experiences. 

We live in a world where we judge the ‘value’ of people based on their appearances (such as their bodies), jobs (job titles, company, income), wealth and/or academic achievements (degree, university reputation). We measure people’s ‘success’ by these things, or by that of their spouses. We snicker at others ‘unrealistically’ pursuing their passions in music, cooking, art. We are drilled into standing out from the rest, beating the competition — rather than being the best version of ourselves.

It’s almost laughable how obsessed our society is with money and fame, and take everything else for granted. After you reach that 5 or 6 figure income; after you secure millions of fans — then what? Sure, people are starting to advocate work-life balance and following your passion. But those are still secondary objectives in today’s world, aren’t they?

We’re taught to show only the ‘best’ of ourselves, and always act like we’re okay even if we’re not. As though failing or being depressed is a bad thing — it’s not! It’s normal, it’s human; and being a super productive, constantly happy, zero mistake making robot would be a horrible life to live. Yet somehow that’s the ‘ideal’ we seemingly struggle to achieve??

It’s failure that makes success so admirable; it’s the journey and what we learn from making mistakes that matters. So why are we so fixated these days on the end result? Different emotions come hand in hand with each other, and in a sense, being sad is how we learn to appreciate our happy moments. So why are we always so ashamed of our tears?

Maybe that’s why anxiety or depression affects nearly 1 in 5 UK adults. And maybe that’s why, despite that alarming statistic, there’s still so much social stigma around it.

Also, what the fuck is up with society’s obsession with “networking”? The word itself sickens me. We’re taught to make ‘connections’, to force ‘friendships’ for favours; rather than making friends for the sake of having new friends. Hahah. Incredible isn’t it, the world we live in?


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